charlotte russe’s web

Someone told me recently her friend thought my name was Fern. I was instantly charmed. So Charlotte’s Web of her.

Within days a good friend told me she had adopted a stripper name. I immediately landed on Fern as an alter-ego.

Once decided, I was soon in possession of my first items from Charlotte Russe and a new sense of possibility. This was all at the entertaining stage direction of my friend, “Jade.” From whom I learned that her husband has spoken out about capris as making women look matronly. Confirmation at last. Coupled with the recent revelation from “Ask a Dude” that guys will always secretly endorse breast enhancements–my most brutal suspicions have been sustained fast and furiously.

Jade and I have the same fashion challenges. This past weekend we spent a shopping day discussing options, conducting multiple returns, and then proceeded to analysis and the inevitable buyer’s remorse.

Our wardrobes are now richer one chunky belt ($2.50), a top that creates an illusion (see above–I normally do not support images of women where their head is cut off, but the top is the focus in this discussion so . . . ) and a wardrobe item that can only truly be described as something that can’t fully be appreciated except, “on.” It’s drape-y.

To balance this mini-transformation, Jon Stewart called out teachers for their pimped out Hyundais, in a recent commentary on the union debate.

How many competing stereotypes does it take to begin canceling each other out?

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