Prestige Television

Where it is trendy to say, “kayaking” or “knitting,” I like to answer, “Prestige television.” This is in answer to questions about your favorite hobbies or interests in a large group introduction. I know others also enjoy strategically subscribing among Apple TV+, HBO, Disney+, etc. while recently considering if the perpetual Netflix subscription should take its turn as well. As a Kdrama fan, I also include Viki Rakuten to this mix.

Just getting back from visiting dear friends who relish pop culture as much as I do, I am giving myself permission to resurrect the HBO subscription that lapsed after finishing the final season of Insecure. Why? My friends offered up 2 episodes of White Lotus like dime bags so now I need to finish the season. Not to mention, Rap Shit, Issa Rae’s newest series. It was fun to connect the dots from Natasha Rothwell (of Insecure and White Lotus) to Aida Osman (of the Keep It! podcast–I’m a longtime listener–and Rap Shit).

As someone who never grew up with cable tv, let alone color tv until I was in high school, prestige television is like staying in a luxury resort to someone whose vacations were almost exclusively in tents growing up. From The Wire to Curb Your Enthusiasm to My Brilliant Friend, HBO has an edginess that lets us lean into all the niches.

I was skeptical of Apple TV+ until . . . Pachinko. This book begins in my birth town of Busan, South Korea and follows its characters to Osaka and Tokyo, Japan where I also lived after moving from Korea. The Korean, Japanese and English of it all! As someone who speak / spoke each of these languages, I catch snatches of words and phrases. Gomenasai (my apologies in Japanese)! My only complaint? Like Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, I was tricked into thinking that one season would be enough to cover the entire book. Nope!

I left Netflix for one month, only to return to catch Money Heist: Korea. I just cancelled Viki Rakuten after completing Pinocchio. Prime Video made me pay for the final season of Better Call Saul and the first season of Abbot Elementary.

All of this in between watching the PBS Newshour and Crooked Media January 6 Hearings?

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4 Responses to Prestige Television

  1. arjeha says:

    There are so many premium pay channels that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice as to which ones to subscribe to. We have Comcast and have the package that includes HBO, Showtime, and Epix. We also have Prime. I am often tempted by others, but as yet have not given in to the urge of subscribing.

  2. cvarsalona says:

    Good to meet you. I am fascinated by new shows that hold my interest so I am excited hear about your new binges. I never watched the series Better Call Saul or others that you mentioned. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a hoot that my husband still indulges in. Enjoy!

  3. My husband and I love “Curb.” Last season was off-the-charts funny.
    You know what I miss from HBO? “The Newsroom.” Gosh, I loved that show.

    • jaclynfre says:

      I was not an HBO subscriber when newsroom came out. But I heard it was good. I actually watched The Wire on dvd from Netflix back in the day. 😆 I should go back and catch newsroom during my HBO summer subscription.

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