Being outraged and being careful

What do you do when you see something that offends you to the core for its disregard of the humanity, but it’s wrapped up in an adorable package?

Growing increasingly incredulous, I became aware that a tribute to “Manifest Destiny” was being sung by children. I refrained from applause. A white child dressed as Sacagawea? I wondered if my silent gasps were, in fact, audible. Already slightly shaken, this song had followed a number making the claim that the US was “The Great American Melting Pot.” Where to begin?

Checking the program for the production, I noticed community members listed as sponsors, not to mention the cast list which included children I have known since third grade.

So much is at stake in an environment where CRT is weaponized against the movement spawned by the events of 2020. The nostalgic play I had just watched was a literal and figurative, “I’m good,” in response to calls for justice related to racial inequality.

I’m considering with whom and how I will express concern. However, best believe that I did group text my friends as soon as I left the gym-atorium to share links to the lyrics of these song, apparently endorsed by my school community.

It feels unfair to express concern on opening night. I had caught the dress rehearsal which was offered to students and teachers 2 days before the production.

After COVID and masks and George Floyd, how do we best love each other, especially when we disagree?

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