2021 Lists unmasked here, but otherwise masked

While I compiled this list, I had to continuous check if the items were truly new to me in 2021 since this year seems like an eternal final month to 2020.

Things I learned

  • JBrekkie is the author Crying in H Mart
  • Pickled beets are available in jars as well as cans
  • It is possible to train yourself to walk in a way that maintains foot health
  • Knee scooters can be used as yoga accessories
  • Gas appliances were sold to the public by HGTV and the Food Network but aren’t great
  • The meaning of 486 in korean–the number of strokes in 사랑해
  • The sign language for “dance”
  • Pour paint has an 80s vibe
  • I have not outgrown being a super fan
  • Shirts can be tucked in–again
  • What happened to Juice WRLD (I realize I’m late to this news)
  • My friend’s Annual Austrian Christmas Open House was on a Saturday, not a Sunday (despite my Google calendar reminder) 😢
  • Membership to the NAACP is for anyone
  • The US has a caste system that is convincingly similar to the ones in India and the one built during the Nazi regime
  • I don’t have to solve racism by myself or in my lifetime, but there is a role for everybody to play

Things I bought that I love

NOTE: I am not being paid by any of these brands or products. This list is inspired by Mindy Kaling’s blog from years ago which has since vanished.

  • Minty Shampoo The multiple sensory effect of this is refreshing!
  • Public Goods dental floss The small glass container is reusable and pretty.
  • Fashion Chingu Probably made in factories not monitored for human rights abuses, but browsing these lists is a guilty pleasure.
  • Fila related items on Poshmark Track suits are the new jeans!
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch in rose gold I had been tracking my steps on a smartphone, but realized after getting the wearable that I had been missing out on several thousand steps daily.
  • Be@rBrick keychain Sadly, I was not able to locate where this is available for purchase in the US.
  • GRIP6 Belts This was a 2020 purchase, but holds up due to the ability to notch it at any length as pandemic diets rise and fall. They are customizable.
  • Subscription to Rakuten Viki Watching subtitled content is a step below reading and audio books, but a step above movies and series in your native language that can be playing while you are cooking and cleaning.
  • Native Plants As a low maintenance gardener, native plants cannot be beat.

Things I binged

  • Maid Recommended by friends who live near where this was filmed.
  • Surviving R. Kelly Began this while at a hotel where I was staying to attend a globally adored KPop group. Traumatizing, and also self-indicting of super fanhood (which I am still processing and in no way victim blame the survivors of the abuse brought to light by this documentary).
  • Sky Castle Kdrama psychological thriller about the intensity of being accepted into prestigious schools.
  • Squid Game BTS introduced me to half of the games in this disturbing series . . . I still have questions. Lots of questions.
  • The Chair An Asian woman adopting a child of color that is not Asian? Sandra Oh always picks the best projects.
  • Itaewon Class The main character’s hair style is relatable . . . when I was 7 years old and my dad cut my bangs while they were still wet. 😆 Love!
  • Nobody Knows Recommended on the Adopted Feels podcast. Lots of orphaned characters. Super intense.

A few satisfying things

  • Gif loops: My students introduced me to these as Google slide backgrounds . . .
Cmdr Kitten
  • ARMY bomb crowd waves My 2nd Grade niece commented, “This is satisfying” when thumbing through the photos on my phone.

Word of the year . . .

  • 다면

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2 Responses to 2021 Lists unmasked here, but otherwise masked

  1. Your sub-headings are great-” Things I learned, Things I binged, A few satisfying things, Word of the year. ” A good way to hold these memories.

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