Indecent Strength


physical emotional

overpowering indecent intimate

gasping grasping stretching breaking healing

hopeful empowered reconnected

stronger wiser


About jaclynfre

Recipe adventurer, fast walker, sporadic writer, aunt, sister and daughter
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6 Responses to Indecent Strength

  1. hezgee says:

    Hello there – this was powerful for me. It is brief but the words are very strong, and I love the structure. I’m most curious about the use of the word “indecent.” I wonder why you used it and what that evokes for you. Thanks for sharing.

    • jaclynfre says:

      I was thinking that groaning is often associated with lots of physical responses to pleasure or pain. This can seem indecent in various contexts. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Poignant use of “groan” and “grown” – wow. Mourning is very hard these days. Love the shape of your poem, a diamond. Precious.

    • jaclynfre says:

      Thank you for your note! I am not personally mourning someone close to me, but am saddened about the things that divide us as we collectively grieve the loss of Senator John Lewis and CT Vivian.

  3. Denise Krebs says:

    As Maureen said, precious, like a diamond. The word choice in your work is always spot on. The middle line is my favorite here: “gasping grasping stretching breaking healing”
    Healing…yes. Beautiful.

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