frog under my bag

solAs I was leaving school, I lifted my bag and found a small frog under it.

I have an interior office. It’s carpeted. There are no windows, because it’s an interior space. Painted cement blocks on 4 walls. The outside doors are around the corner. They are double doors with one of those damp spaces in between where children wait for their parents in inclement weather.

A frog out of context is like a bird out of context. Freaky!

I went out to ask the evening custodian, a high schooler with earbuds and a strapped on vacuum backpack to please take the frog outside. I was late for an evening meeting. I felt silly asking this young man.

He seemed unaware I was speaking to him at first. With the vacuum on his back. The earbuds in his ears.

When he finally realized I might be speaking to him, he removed his earbuds. Perplexed. I wasn’t quite sure if he understood I was for real about the frog.

Last year, while living in Indonesia, the only seasonal marker was rainy season. One day I walked outside and found a dead frog, drowned, on the beautifully bricked walkway out of Banyanville, my neighborhood. This frog was not moving so I wasn’t sure it was dead at first. Upon further inspection, I found it covered with feasting bugs.

The fresh line between life and death is disturbing. Raw.

With that visceral memory, I shuddered. Not wanting to be the cause of this frog’s death. But also shivering at our lives intersecting.

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Tech integration specialist, recipe adventurer, fast walker, sporadic writer, aunt, sister and daughter
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4 Responses to frog under my bag

  1. Maureen says:

    I had an emotional day a couple years back when, in the midst of all the stuff that was happening, I encountered three frogs at different points during the day. I was surprised to learn later that frogs are an amazing symbol of metamorphosis, transition, and change…embrace your luck!

  2. LSquared says:

    You found a frog today and my custodian found me a praying mantis. The death of a small creature is a reminder…

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