feeling fractured

I’ve lost count of how many blogs I’ve started, and not really abandoned, but sort of lost track of. But I do know that I recently started 2 new blogs in response to the fact that blogs are for specific audiences. This blog is more like a personal journal of rambling thoughts. Whereas, now that I’m moving away to a tropical country on the other side of the world, people have been asking if I’m planning to keep a blog. I do keep a blog (this one, obviously) but I don’t disclose that since I know they’re asking for a fun scrapbook-ish account of my transition and exotic experiences. I’m in awe of people who can keep their life on a breezy conversational plane. I feel like my posts scream “overshare!!”

So in an attempt to address the challenge of giving a small public what they’ve requested, I launched JakartaJackie (the name makes me cringe since it has sort of a rapper lyric, “Jackie in the house!!” quality). I hope to chronicle with honesty, but the lighter side of honesty, and humor my journey from a contented West Michiganian to a hot, sweaty mosquito-ridden Jakartan. My hope is that when I get homesick and my feelings go dark, what will rescue them is a sense of humor that is fit to print.

Another blog I WordPressed into existence is called, school / grade tbd in an attempt to join the amazing blogosphere of teachers who share lessons. I don’t want to be just a taker, I want also to be a giver. Not the spooky kind of giver–this reference is for readers of young adult fiction, but the kind that shares. At the same time, I have always felt like a crazy mad scientist in the classroom with messy experiments that the students and I conduct with multiple variables. So when it comes time to sharing the lessons, I feel the process of trying to nail down what made it work or not work is sometimes complicated–the actual process being the main focus. Or is that a bullsh** way of saying that I’m covering up for a lack of confidence? Or that my inspirations that usually occur at 3 a.m. or in the shower, are difficult to recreate since they have a slapdash quality. Which I rationalize is what life is about so . . . there’s that element that enhances the lesson as well. I hope. A final reason that I don’t share is that I’m a huge adapter and out-right thief of other people’s ideas so I don’t want to seem like a plagiarizer. hmmm . . . In any case, I’d love to join the conversation of amazing teacher ideas with whatever I can contribute.

The following list represents different tiers or pockets of teacher resources that I return to again and again:

  • Pinterest: Clever, adorable Martha-Stewart-style lessons
  • Teachers Pay Teachers: Stuff that works with varying degrees of quality, but at least you’re paying a colleague somewhere in the world, rather than a cog in the major industrial complex of education
  • Projects by Jen: Lots of great ways to collaborate with other classrooms virtually (How does she find the time?)
  • ChartChums: ideas that work from 2 dedicated teachers who you wonder how they have time to share, but convince you that it’s possible for you too
  • two apples a day: the reason for my stalker fan status of Jee Young is evident here

Finally, all of this new blogging has caused me to wonder what is the specific audience for the “friends without id” eclectic blog? I’m not quite sure. I’m hoping it’s a community of friends who are gracious with the meandering first draft quality of posts that may be later polished for a more specific audience elsewhere.

I tentatively post the link to a LiveJournal site I used to keep to record fan-girlish thoughts on music, t.v. shows and movies that I found riveting for a time. Sorry, I just realized many of the posts are marked “private.” I’m shaking my own head as to what would cause some of the posts to be more private than others and what is the point of marking something “private” on a blog?!!

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One Response to feeling fractured

  1. jee young says:

    Thanks so much for including my blog on this list!!! I hope all you new blogging projects go well! 🙂

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