what happens when pop culture and my parents intersect

My parents stayed with me last Thanksgiving. We mall walked. We laughed at the Periscope sections of Newsweek that my Dad found especially amusing and read aloud. We watched the Wheel of Fortune.

I found out my parents were official “wheel watchers” eligible for a prize revealed during the show if their number came up.

I don’t feel the need to defend watching The Wheel, but since I catch it only occasionally I am always amused during it, thinking of the penultimate Wheel episode from South Park.

I attempted to recreate this for my parents who looked eager to share in the amusement.

This falls under the category of the time that I felt the need to explain to my mom why her initials: MLF might be amusing to some people. My Dad did not seem to appreciate being better informed on this topic.

My mom asked recently what movie I had just received from Netflix, because they would be enjoying Billy Elliot, after a day of shoveling snow. When I told her, she asked what Easy A was about. I mentioned it was based on the Scarlet Letter. She thought maybe she and Dad would check it out. I let her know it was not a period piece.

My sister mentioned at Sunday dinner that she liked how Sarah Palin said anything she wanted. That Mrs. Palin didn’t care what people thought. When my sister mentioned Sarah’s references to President Obama’s WTF moments in the State of the Union speech, my mom didn’t bother to ask. She simply nodded in grim understanding.

My mom used to tape Seventh Heaven. She tapes Jeopardy since it comes on at 3 p.m. in Chicago. While watching the news, she mutes the commercials, but silences people during the weather. Intuitively flipping on the sound exactly as the meteorologist takes over (Tom?). She mentioned she and my dad wave to him nightly.

I just discovered that she and Ashton Kutcher share something in common. They’re both HUGE Chicago Bears fans!

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One Response to what happens when pop culture and my parents intersect

  1. Carlos says:

    Wow great pics of a movie I have not yet seen but it is on my hunt list. I only have only ever seen a clpuoe of pictures of the miniatures in a book about Eiji Tsubaraya. Sink the Bismarck is one of the all time top model ship movies and will definately get a blog at some point as will Tora x3.

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