Some of my favorite words:

  • enigma
  • visceral (I love how this word refers to the gutsy part of your anatomy–your entrails. You can picture them all slippery and veiny, reacting involuntarily and powerfully to situations–joyful, painful, shocking . . . )
  • insouciant / melancholy
  • ineffable
  • apt
  • sharp
  • niiiiice
  • 누나
  • whatnot (expiration date impending)
  • mojito
  • palindrome
  • onomatopoeia (spot on: splat, kerplunk, whisper)
  • mathlete
  • disingenuous
  • cent sent scent (generally unexpected homophones)
  • cast (cool homonyms)
  • weird

Also just for the pleasure of saying them

  • trifecta
  • monosyllabic
  • fisticuffs
  • ho-ho-kus (It’s a real city!)
  • mischievous (two ways of saying this word)
  • [the name of someone you care about] . . .
  • barnacles (as an expletive)
  • wii
  • knack (Slate Culture Gabfest inspired)
  • freaky
  • naked (as one syllable)
  • cement and pecan (with a southern accent)
  • strawberry and library (with a British accent)
  • gracias (rolling the r) and Jesus (en espanol)
  • babganoush and bibimbop

Words and phrases that I enjoy in the right context:

  • naturally (usually when stating the obvious)
  • in this case (Lately I’ve noticed the word “case” is being thrown around quite liberally–possibly a trend)
  • to be fair
  • see-through faded
  • 40 degree day
  • too late (follows the request to not laugh)
  • rock out . . . (If I were a different person, I would love to rock this shirt.)

Annoying words or phrases:

  • ginormous
  • kiddos
  • calling someone else’s parents “Mom” or “Dad” (usually spoken by teachers when speaking about a student)
  • the way some people say “classroom” when the S sounds really breathy, almost “sh”-ish
  • funk
  • K
  • U
  • moist (It’s a scapegoat, but I just can’t defend it!) and smeared
  • cocky
  • tolerate
  • what’s up (As a phone greeting–I feel the need to defend my call, rather than being given a warm welcome)
  • I could care less (Don’t you mean “couldn’t care less?!!”)

Phrases that annoy and amuse:

  • rocking that / those _____ (tankini, shades, biker shorts, etc.)
  • lactose intolerant
  • really?

Tolerable misspellings:

  • thru (Shouldn’t this officially and practically be changed at this point?)

Potentially the most viscerally painful words:

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Tech integration specialist, recipe adventurer, fast walker, sporadic writer, aunt, sister and daughter
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