things I endorse in 2010

    zach galifianakis
    Black nail polish as unexpectedly effective goth therapy
    The Sing-off
    Quaint expletives
    A sarcastic “Like” button on FB
    Knee high rain boots in fun patterns
    Jon Krakauer and his addictive narrative style
    New York’s Hottest club tips from Stefan
    Top chef all stars (even though I secretly believe it was created so Tom coliccio can finally recognize his man-crush on Angelo whose fate was altered by an untimely bout with a mysterious Asian bug)
    Related: how to tell Padma and I apart (since the similarity list is ridiculous)
    My creepy Mac guy who I’m slightly scared of because he is like your doctor who knows everything about you because he has to so he can fix things and tell you how to keep from making things worse even though you don’t really do everything he tells you to do
    Aslan making an appearance in inception
    Releasing birthday lanterns in Disney movies
    Hermoine’s first scene in HP: the deathly hallows, part 1
    A bullet option on the iPhone / iPad keyboard
    Mini ping pong with someone who really keeps score
    Bloody mary’s as reception food
    Twice-baked Roasted pumpkin seeds
    Attending your niece’s choir performance and finding it entertaining for reasons you never anticipated (air guitar guy and cumber bun lady: pure gold)
    Suggestive Percussion instruments at the Chicago field museum that are later confirmed in a museum note to represent exactly what you thought
    Arriving in time to have the best Reuben of your life on the Chicago food planet walking tour
    Cities with public transportation that you actually use
    GPS that talk to you
    Remaining at a campground after the water and electricity are turned off–for 3 days
    Evidence of your survival in a photograph that suddenly finds its way to frames and screensavers everywhere
    The photographer at the Ann Arbor Art Fair
    Love/hate for “hey soul sister”
    Rooibush jungle fire tea
    Math pentathletes
    Baking thanksgiving turkeys up-side-down so the breast meat is really juicy then flipping the bird to carve
    My cousin’s reception at the GR Museum where my memory simply consists of warm and pleasant feelings–did I ride the merry-go-round? Anyone?
    Bang bang shrimp tacos and black cherry mojitos
    Texting using conventional spelling and punctuation if you’re over 35 (the cut off for mini skirts as well–Sorry it just makes sense)
    Making a list of everything that’s tacky about “Sent from my iPhone / palm pixie / blackberry storm”
    More quest crew–always
    People who put massage slippers on their Christmas list (you know you’re curious)
    Muscat gummies: on every list
    Vietnamese summer rolls
    Market baskets as gifts
    The bran muffins at J’s Again (no substitutes)
    Hull-less popcorn
    Friends who listen endlessly to the same topic and analyze it for new understanding
    Surprise parties <—-this one surprises me even now. Thanks everyone!
    Things I slightly endorse
    Using online translators as a means of sending secret messages

    Things I don’t endorse
    Making people uncomfortable with Oversharing  (That one is really my impossible new year’s resolution, actually.)

    Note: Composed on an iPad with various editing constraints.

About jaclynfre

Tech integration specialist, recipe adventurer, fast walker, sporadic writer, aunt, sister and daughter
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